Not Today – Makin Bakin / Euphoric Disco Vibes Inspire & Delight

Meet Makin Bakin: Berlin-based producer and DJ, Makin Bakin, has returned with another show-stopping disco-house track, “Not Today”. Makin Bakin is the solo project of Wolfram von Dobschütz, a highly experienced and talented DJ who entered the world of disco-house in 2020, under his disco alter-ego, “Makin Bakin”. Wolfram told us: “I always liked the funky soul and disco music […]

Time Moves Slow – Sorry It’s Over / Quirky & Unique Music Video

Meet the hottest new Socal band, Sorry It’s Over: California based alternative pop-rock band, Sorry It’s Over, have just released their newest single and debut music video titled; “Time Moves Slow”. Bandmates Sam Adgate and Louis Petrella have been playing together since high school and their music expresses their Socal easy-going, good-time vibe. Louis grew up jamming with his father […]

Deathbox – THE WiND & Omni Auspice / Sinister Sounds Intrigue and Delight

Meet THE WiND & Omni Auspice: Representing the Finger Lakes region of New York state, rap/hip-hop duo Omni Auspice (lyricist and emcee) and THE WiND (producer) have been developing unique and powerful music since they joined forces in 2018. Collaboratively they named themselves the “Dissociates” and they released their first album in 2018 titled THE SAMADHI EXPERIENCE. Together, they have […]

Hourglass – Irresitible Reggae Vibes by Ben Barbic

Meet Ben Barbic: California bay born and raised Ben Barbic is a multi-talented, genre-blending singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. Ben has been an avid music lover since he got his first programmable keyboard at the age of 5 yrs old. By 7 he was already a budding songwriter and wrote his first song. He told us: “It was an ode […]

One More Day (Theme from “the Seven Chambers”) – Ben E. Davis / Explosive Expression of Love & Loss

Meet Ben E. Davis: London based, LA-born singer-songwriter Ben E.Davis has just released his newest single, “One More Day”. Ben first started singing when he was just a young boy. He was inspired by a TV series called Kids Incorporated, about a group of youngsters who were in a band. Years later, he fulfilled his childhood dream and joined a […]