Lifting listeners to a higher-state “Filled with Dreams” by Waking Bear

Waking Bear is an Indie-Rock band from Olympia, Washington, who have been cultivating expressively heartfelt music filled with happiness and grace, communicating higher-frequencies of transcendent love to open hearts and ears around the globe. Waking Bear was established in 2018 after a fateful meeting brought together the talented Noah Bears and the beautiful Ivy Jordanne. A magnificent tale of love, […]

Seductive vocals and an emotive performance in “What’s on Ya Mind?” by James Storch

James Storch is a singer and songwriter from Flushing, New York, who has been captivated by music and the emotions it can convey since a young boy. This fascination first began when he heard his Father singing along too “Traces” by Classics IV.  Although James could not understand the lyrics the sentiment was clearly communicated. During his years at Junior […]

Be charmed and captivated by “Catch Us” Waking Bear

Waking Bear is an Indie-rock band from Olympia, Washington, who have been releasing inspiring and meaningful music since 2019. Waking Bear was formed by Noah Bears in 2018 after meeting the love of his life, Ivy Jordanne one fateful day, and these two talented musicians began an epic journey into love, travel and music. After many lengthy conversations, they realised […]

Breathtakingly emotive “Still” by Misa.

Misa is a trip-hop artist, singer and songwriter based in London who began releasing music in the spring of this year and has been hailed as “10 Most Promising Music Acts of 2020” and ‘Five Unstoppable Female Artists’ by Atomix Vox. She is a breath-taking performer who steals your heart with intensely soulful music and soaring vocals. Misa is deeply […]